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Rachid Ghannouchi

Date of Birth: 7 June 1941
Place of Birth: El Hamma

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False amnesties

NGOs consistently condemn the gaoling of thousands of members and sympathisers of Rachid Ghannouchi's banned Islamist Hizb Ennahda and also of leftists and human rights activists...

Polls at a price

Like Algeria Tunisia will not allow parties based on ethnicity region or religion blocking the emergence of Islamist parties to take up the mantle of Rachid Ghannouchi's banned Hizb Ennahda (Renaissance Party)...

Small headache

No one expects the RCD to lose its dominant role especially as Rachid Ghannouchi head of the main real opposition Ennahda remains a thorn in Ben Ali's flesh from his exile in Britain...

Big Ben Ali strikes

That was the power-base from which he became Prime Minister then President in 1987 and it was the main instrument he used to crush the Hizb Ennahda (Renaissance Party) the Islamist movement led by Rachid Ghannouchi now exiled in Britain...

Asylum alarums

Tunis remains deeply concerned at the presence in London of Rachid Ghannouchi ‘emir' of the Hizb Ennahda (Renaissance Party)...

Displaying 41-45 out of 45 results.