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United States of America

David Robert Malpass

Date of Birth: 8 March 1956
Place of Birth: Petoskey, Michigan

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Demands grow for reforms

He is more amenable to climate financing than his climate change denialist predecessor David Malpass and publicly prioritises reforming the Bank before it receives a capital boost sufficient with other measures to increase its ability to lend an additional US$100 billion or more within 10 years...

Brussels backs Italy's hard line on migration

On 6 March the World Bank announced that it would suspend 'until further notice' its partnership framework with Tunisia with a letter by outgoing Bank President David Malpass stating that 'public comments that stir up discrimination attacks and racist violence are completely unacceptable'...


David Malpass quits bank as radical changes loom

The resignation of World Bank President David Malpass a year before his term expires in April 2024 was well received by United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen who had been prodding the institution to step up its efforts on climate finance and debt relief programmes...


Loans before haircuts

World Bank President David Malpass has pinned responsibility on China for being 'slow to help' on debt restructuring for Zambia and more broadly noting that China accounted for 66% of loans by bilateral creditors in 2021 and for the bulk of the 6...

Displaying 1-10 out of 20 results.