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Colonel Sadio Camara

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    Vol 65 No 6 |
  • MALI

Book guts Goïta's junta

Goïta himself has said nothing so far but the Bamako rumour mill has it that his number two Colonel Sadio Camara in Moscow at the time exploded in rage on hearing about the book's content and did not even wait for his boss's consent in ordering Sangaré's arrest on 2 March...

    Vol 64 No 15 |
  • MALI

Not much power to the people

He was at the centre of the coterie behind the second Mali coup in May 2021 and he is brother-in-law to Goïta's closest ally and counsellor Defence Minister Sadio Camara who is responsible for having invited in the Wagner Group (AC Vol 62 No 14 Paris makes up with the junta)...

    Vol 64 No 5 |
  • MALI

A junta that's going nowhere

Defence Minister Col Sadio Camara and head of State Security Col Modibo Koné served in the National Guard while former interim Prime Minister Col Abdoulaye Maïga served with the Gendarmerie...

Bamako's wolf warrior diplomacy backfires

On her stopover in Mali Nuland met Prime Minister Lieutenant Colonel Abdoulaye Maïga and three officers in key regime roles: Malick Diaw head of the National Transition Council; reconciliation minister Ismaël Wagué; and defence minister Sadio Camara seen as a link to Bamako's military partnership with Russia...

    Vol 63 No 13 |
  • MALI

Bamako refuses to look to France

Col Goïta and his defence minister Col Sadio Camara appear determined to show that Mali can tackle its security challenges without the help of UN or western forces...

    Vol 62 No 11 |
  • MALI

Don't call it a coup

When the new cabinet was finally announced two colonels Sadio Camara and Modibo Koné who were among the original putschists and had held the key posts of Defence and Security respectively were conspicuous by their absences...

    Vol 61 No 20 |
  • MALI

Colonels concede – but not much

There are to be 25 ministers of whom four will be from the military: Col Sadio Camara Minister of Defence; Lt-Col Abdoulaye Maïga Territorial Administration and Decentralisation; Col-Major Ismaël Wagué (the junta spokesman) as Minister for National Reconciliation; and Col Modibo Koné for Security and Civil Protection...

    Vol 61 No 17 |
  • MALI

The junta haggles on transition

They are: Colonels Assimi Goïta and Malick Diaw respectively leader and deputy-leader of the committee; Colonel-Major Ismaël Wagué a fighter pilot and second-in-command of the air force; and Cols Modibo Koné and Sadio Camara...

    Vol 61 No 17 |
  • MALI

No road back for Keïta

Spokesman Colonel-Major Ismaël Wagué led proceedings flanked by four more colonels: junta leader Assimi Goïta Malick Diaw Modibo Koné and Sadio Camara...

Modibo Koné and Sadio Camara...

Displaying 1-10 out of 10 results.