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United States

Joseph Robinette Biden

Date of Birth: 20 November 1942
Place of Birth: Scranton, Pennsylvania

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Promises, promises

United States President Joe Biden's initial African policy plans are starting with a programme inherited from President Donald Trump called Prosper Africa...

Muddled meddling by the UAE

On holdMost of the Gulf states' rivalries – such as those between UAE and Qatar – are on hold while they work out their bilateral relations with Joe Biden's administration...

Spain feels M6's fury

Even though the Joe Biden administration is unlikely to change that decision it is unlikely to speed ahead with the US's promised consulate in the coastal city of Dakhla while European powers stick to a UN-approved route (AC Vol 62 No 6 Marred meeting of minds)...


Pressure mounts on rich countries and big pharma to act on global vaccine inequity

With United States President Joe Biden having joined the campaign led by India and South Africa to waive patents on Covid vaccine manufacture earlier this month the EU which has long opposed lifting patent protection was under pressure to set out an alternative plan (AC Dispatches 10/05/2021 Health chiefs salute progress in lifting patents on Covid-19 vaccines but say India's crisis shows risks to Africa)...


Fatigue may be fatal

Head scratcherMeanwhile United States President Joe Biden's unexpected foray into the call for a patent waiver has left many in Europe scratching their heads given that the US has not allowed any of its vaccine production to be sent out of the country...

Displaying 61-70 out of 108 results.