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Jean Adukwei Mensa

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Who judges the judges?

The most controversial aspect of the Supreme Court's ruling against Mahama was its unanimous refusal to compel the chair of the Electoral Commission Jean Mensah to appear for cross-examination...

The wrong side of the law

NDC supporters have focused their ire on Jean Mensa chairwoman of the Electoral Commission and her decision not to testify in the case which would have made her liable to face cross-examination...


Partisan contests ramp up in the courts and parliament

This week Tsatsu Tsikata a leading member of the opposition National Democratic Congress's legal team is due to cross-examine Jean Mensa the chairwoman of the Electoral Commission (EC) at the Supreme Court panel hearing the petition calling for the cancellation of the December election results (AC Vol 62 No 2 Both sides go to court & Vol 62 No 1 Skirt and blouse politics)...


Both sides go to court

It conceded that EC Chairwoman Jean Mensa's declaration on 9 December included some clerical and arithmetical errors: the most important of which was that she announced Akufo-Addo had won 51...

Election stirs up apathy

Jean Adukwei Mensa Chair of the Commission since 2018 is stewarding her first election with both parties highlighting the risk of hacking of the counting process and of intimidation of voters by militants and freelancers...

Displaying 1-6 out of 6 results.