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United Kingdom

Karim Asad Ahmad Khan

Date of Birth: 30 March 1970

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ICC to probe war crimes as conflict rages on

Karim Khan the prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) told the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) last week that the ICC would launch a new investigation into war crimes involving both sides in the conflict...


The prosecutor rests his case

The election of British lawyer Karim Ahmad Khan on 12 February as the new prosecutor of the International Criminal Court comes as it is still struggling to establish its credibility two decades after its foundation and having chalked up just five successful prosecutions...

Africa Confidential has seen correspondence detailing Nairobi's hostility to the candidacy of Ireland's Fergal Gaynor who was runner-up to Karim Ahmad Khan in the final round of voting in New York on 12 February...


Gadaffi's desperate bid

'It's a clear principle of law that one cannot be tried twice for the same offence ' defence lawyer Karim Khan said on 27 June in the Hague...

ICC down but not out

In a riposte to the ICC on 2 May Ruto's lawyer Karim Khan asked the Court to appoint an outside amicus curiae prosecutor an independent 'friend' to investigate and possibly criminally charge the ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda's staff and intermediaries with bribing and coaching four of the Court's own witnesses...

Six in the dock

Muthaura's British lawyer Karim Ahmad Khan who defended former Liberian President Charles Ghankay Taylor at the Special Court for Sierra Leone also at the Hague stressed that his client had not made 'any adverse comments' or done anything that would be a 'cause for concern' and did not want the public listening in Kenya to think otherwise...

Displaying 1-10 out of 10 results.