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Bright Simons

Date of Birth: November 1981

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Monumental disputes

' ‘The procurement abuses and the poor project planning and management means that either the project will fail or it will cost as much as eight times its original estimate of $100 million creating massive financial losses to the state ' said Bright Simons of Accra think-tank IMANI Africa...

Plans for urban forest raise hackles

Bright Simons of Accra think-tank IMANI-Africa questioned why 'about 70% of the forest reserve has been denied protection in one fell swoop'...

Government to ram through gold scheme

Bright Simons Vice-President of IMANI-Africa an Accra-based thinktank has urged Agyebeng to recuse himself from all matters related to the Agyapa case (AC Vol 62 No 11 The prosecutor isn't so special)...

Election stirs up apathy

Now that the combination of civic activists and the Special Prosecutor have put a brake on the deal the government will have to go back to square one according to Bright Simons of the Imani Centre in Accra...

Displaying 1-5 out of 5 results.