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Dr Hassan Abdullah el Turabi

Date of Birth: 1 February 1932
Place of Birth: Kassala, Eastern Sudan
Died: 5 March 2016

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When the Pharaoh calls

In July 1995 panic briefly gripped the Egyptian press when the Sudanese leader Hassan el Turabi threatened: 'If the Sudanese were forced to intervene in the Nile water agreements it would be a lethal matter'...

Strategic, and shaky

After vehemently denying any involvement by Khartoum in the plot to kill Mubarak Ali Osman was asked to comment on a statement made to the (highly official) Sudan News Agency on 3 July by NIF leader Hassan Abdullah el Turabi following the assassination attempt: ‘The pharaoh of Egypt returned full of fright from Addis Ababa after he had been confronted by the mujahideen'...

Ali Osman smiled and said he could not speak for Hassan el Turabi...

Inside the Jackal's lair

'Carlos the Jackal' as he was long ago named by a British newspaper was by no means the only Marxist and/or secular activist the Islamist government welcomed Regular guests include Georges Habash (a member of NIP boss Hassan Abdullah el Turabi - Popular Arab Islamic Conference and Ahmed Jibril from Carlos original group the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine...

Displaying 151-153 out of 153 results.