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Ja'afar Mohamed Nimeiri

Date of Birth: 1/01/1930
Place of Birth: Wad Nubawi district, Omdurman, near Khartoum
Died: 30/5/2009

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The countdown begins

The 'protected Intifadha'strategy recognises that unlike the governments of Generals Ibrahim Aboud (October 1964) and Ja'afar Mohamed Nimeiri (April 1985) the NIF is not going to crumble before civilian protests...

The Intifadha which overthrew President Ja'afar Nimeiri was based on secret organisation by professional and trades unionists ('Modern Forces')...

Arms against a sea of troubles

Mohamed Abdel Gadir Idriss (famed as the Governor who brought Islamic law to Kassala Kordofan and Darfur before President Ja'afar Mohamed Nimeiri did) becomes State Minister at Defence...

Brigade 2 El Fau (HQ built by President Ja'afar Nimeiri after Port Sudan road opened); has troops in Wad Medani (Gezira Scheme); covers East (El Gedaref Kassala) from Medani to El Hamdait where Ethiopia Eritrea and Sudan meet; then up to Mohamed Golit Egyptian border; includes Port Sudan Halaib; because of new Eastern Front troops being deployed from other regions...

Displaying 41-42 out of 42 results.