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Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed (Farmajo)

Date of Birth: 11/03/1962
Place of Birth: Mogadishu

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Cashing in on chaos

The company’s lawyers are exploring legal options to recover the money and investigating certain Somali officials who have a second Australian, British, or US citizenship, including former Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed ‘Farmajo’...

The view and the cash from Arabia

Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed, who is a United States citizen, acknowledges that his government received money but is vague about the details and reluctant to provide records...

The TFG’s August deadline

New TFG Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed is praised for his smaller technocratic cabinet and his claim that with Mogadishu pacified within three months, the Transitional Federal Institutions would be fully functioning in a hundred days...

New guns on the block

Hopes that new Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed may be able to tackle the venality and incompetence of the TFG, whose mandate expires in August, are fading as the security situation remains treacherous...

UN rejects AU blockade plea

President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan have been at loggerheads over Parliament’s confirmation of Sheikh Sharif’s choice of Prime Minister, Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed, and whether this should be by open or secret vote...

Displaying 21-25 out of 25 results.