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King Hassan II

Date of Birth: 9 July 1929
Place of Birth: Rabat, Morocco
Died: 23 July 1999

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Making a hash of it

King Hassan II is suing the Paris daily Le Monde over suggestions that high officials were involved in the drugs trade...

Rabat tries reform

Underlying everything is the question of what arrangements King Hassan II makes for his succession...

Bad luck

The disorganised opposition wants King Hassan II to deliver on his promise of alternance...

Ganja grief

King Hassan II would like to be seen to be taking action prior to his planned state visit to Paris...

Exeunt UN

Minurso must now tackle the eligibility of the more difficult traditionally nomadic clans (who will vote) and Rabat's demands for votes for other tribes who are loyal to King Hassan II and number over 100 000 - a winning majority...

Displaying 61-67 out of 67 results.