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Sierra Leone

Leonard Balogun Koroma (Logus)

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Corruption inquiry takes off

Other ex-officials who have reportedly left the country include Leonard 'Logus' Balogun Koroma, the former Minister of Transport and Aviation, who was criticised in the report over the acquisition of 100 buses from China...

Shadowy third-term plan for Koroma

The leader of Sierra Leone's change-the-constitution group is Leonard Balogun ‘Logus’ Koroma, who told a local radio station in May that President Koroma deserved a third term when his second expires in 2017...

Not so golden jubilee

Another member, Leonard Balogun 'Logus' Koroma had already been sanctioned by the ACC when Koroma appointed him to the Committee...

Displaying 1-4 out of 4 results.