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Getting the right numbers

It is the biggest economic success story in Africa. The growth of mobile telephony is phenomenal – in numbers, in jobs created and in the economic development it is driving. African software engineers are pioneering the development of payment systems over mobile telephones, first in Kenya, then Rwanda and South Africa, and now Nigeria. Until the late 1990s, few mobile phone operators regarded Africa as a viable mass market. They lacked accurate information about the continent’s spending power and a vision of how services could be developed. Initially, most companies – except for South Africa’s MTN – steered clear of Nigeria (AC Vol 43 No 20, Scrambling for Africa). Now it is one of the world’s biggest telecommunications markets

Between 1998 and 2008, the number of mobile phone subscribers in Africa increased from 4 million to 260 million while network coverage increased from 10% to over 60% of the contine...

Banking on the move

Developed jointly by British software firm Sagentia and Kenya’s Safaricom with the help of a British grant, M-Pesa banking services are a success story. Pesa means ‘money’ in Kiswa...

Gadaffi falls, revolution rises

Declaring victory after six months of war, the new regime in Tripoli has rejuvenated the Arab Spring and may promote political change further south

With its victory over the forces of Moammar el Gadaffi this week, the Transitional National Council (TNC) has proved it has more staying power than suggested by its initial hesitan...

Favourite four

Greeting four Francophone African leaders in Washington on 28 July, President Barack Obama pledged ‘stalwart’ support on economic and security matters, signifying growing US intere...

David meets Jacob

Accusations of corruption against police chiefs, plans for state interference with the media and innuendo about politicians compromised by business associates – British Prime Minis...

The fastest growing family

The United Nations’ latest projection of world demographic trends* predicts that Africa’s population will reach 2.2 billion by 2050, 24% of the global population. Nigeria’s populat...

Getting (not too) tough on corruption

British companies fear that more rigorous laws on bribery could undermine their efforts to compete with Asian and European rivals

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development had criticised the delays in implementing the new Act but stayed silent when the guidance came out at the end of March...

A family at war

The tight circle of loyalists around the Gadaffi clan hope their military dominance and diplomatic tactics will derail the rebellion

The resilience of Colonel Moammar el Gadaffi’s regime after ten days of aerial bombardment combined with the military weakness of the opposition groups has prompted Britain, Franc...

Activists versus authoritarians

After two months of courageous campaigning by determined young Africans, the region’s autocrats are preparing their counter-offensive

After two months of courageous campaigning by determined young Africans, the region’s autocrats are preparing their counter-offensive

Cooking up those raw materials

European companies want cheaper raw materials and propose ways of getting them from Africa

European policy-makers are anxious to safeguard the supply of raw materials to their industries and the European Union has just presented guidelines for a ‘raw materials diplomacy’...

Displaying 401-410 out of 840 results.