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Western Sahara


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Standoff in the Sahara

Moroccan forces have withdrawn behind their defensive wall at Guerguerat in Western Sahara after months of rising tension on the disputed territory's southern border with Mauritani...

Rabat's Cold War manoeuvre

The kingdom is desperate to roll back a series of diplomatic setbacks over the Western Sahara and has the UN in its sights

Last month's visit to Moscow by King Mohammed VI had echoes of the political manoeuvres favoured by his late father, King Hassan II, who liked to play both sides in the Cold War ag...

In the palace

The face to face meetings between Polisario and Moroccan officials in September and October, the first for almost a decade, offer at least a fig leaf for the continuation of the Un...

No vote, no peace

Hostilities look set to flare again if the United Nations Security Council endorses the withdrawal of the UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (Minurso) in a debate this...

Exeunt UN

It looks increasingly doubtful that the United Nations will extend its Western Sahara mandate which expires on 31 January, Security Council sources tell us. And tension over Wester...

Displaying 11-16 out of 16 results.