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Unity on a smaller scale

The newly enlarged East African Community contains just under Nigeria's population, with only half of its GDP.

The East African Community has formally welcomed Burundi and Rwanda, which signed the accession treaty on 18 June. Yet the entry of two small, poor, landlocked, Francophone countri...

The new frontlines

The regional powers are being drawn into the maelstrom in Somalia as United States' forces go hunting for Al Qaida

Direct military involvement by the United States, whose ships and aircraft bombarded troops of the Supreme Islamic Courts Council (SICC) in Hayo and Afmadow on 8 January, transform...

No EASSY rider

Kenya and South Africa are in heated dispute over the control and cost of a crucial African development project - a fibre-optic cable to surround the continent and link it to the w...

A political resurrection

A slew of by-election victories and a vigourous political roadshow have boosted President Kibaki's chances of success next year

Suddenly President Mwai Kibaki's political fortunes are looking up again, and the idea of him running for re-election next year looks less ludicrous. Back in January his government...

Drying up growth

Drought is slowing down the region's economies, forcing some harsh policy changes

To promote integration and regional planning, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda announce their annual budgets on the same day. In their statements for 2006/07 on 15 June, all three financ...

Voters' voices

The electorates have spoken but the incumbent regimes don't want to listen

KENYA: The stand-off over the new constitution between President Mwai Kibaki's supporters and those of Raila Odinga will dominate politics. The best prospect for the government wou...

Diplomatic hubbub

Kenya will star again as the regional diplomatic centre this year, mediating in two sets of peace talks - Sudan and Somalia - as well as hosting hundreds of thousands of people fle...

Peace from above

Western pressure is on, led by the United States, for Sudan's National Islamic Front and the Sudan People's Liberation Army/Movement to sign a framework peace agreement this month....

Mwai and Moi make history

Good political news from Kenya sends a message to opposition parties and sit-tight leaders across the continent

Après Moi there was no deluge - just celebratory whooping as Kenyans marked the demise of the seemingly eternal Kenya African National Union, its chief patron and its busine...

Displaying 31-40 out of 43 results.