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A new deal in the East

Industralisation efforts, protectionism and higher taxes dominate the region's budgets this year

Industrial policy is in and Western aid is out; the state is back and the market is pushed back; economic nationalism is up, as is scepticism about globalisation. That, broadly, is...

Perils of the pipeline

Uganda's decision to export oil through Tanzania undermines Kenya's status as regional kingpin

The shape of East Africa's future as an oil producer became clearer on 23 April with the announcement that Uganda's crude oil pipeline would go through Tanzania. The move alters th...

From East to East

Questions are multiplying about the costs and sustainability of China’s loans for the region's grand projects

It is Africa's fastest-growing trade route with Asia. Chinese investment in East Africa is rocketing as Beijing seeks access to the region's rich hydrocarbon and mineral reserves a...

A moral victory

A US judge finds Sudan and Iran guilty of the 1998 US embassy bombings, revealing new details of their involvement

Sixteen years after the bombings of the United States' embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, which killed 224 people and injured more than 1,000, a New York court has ordered Iran and S...

The mystery men and the embassy bombings

Two men played key roles in the double attack: one using Sudan as his springboard, the other under the noses of the US army, CIA and FBI

Fazul Abdullah Mohamed Ali, a Comoran, and Ali Mohamed, an Egyptian, both played key roles in the 1998 Embassy bombings in East Africa, according to court documents: the former as ...

Banking on big infrastructure

The spending plans of East African countries show a common enthusiasm for big projects but they are borrowing to pay for them

With a decade of high growth behind them and a resource bonanza looming, East African Community members are displaying a new appetite for large-scale infrastructure. EAC government...

Pipeline politics

The Kenyan government wants to get moving on the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport Corridor

Presidents Salva Kiir Mayardit and Uhuru Kenyatta reaffirmed their commitment to the Lamu pipeline this month when they met on 23 May in Juba, ahead of the African Union Summit in ...

Trader beware!

Chinese traders already feeling the heat from local competitors in Kenya, Malawi and Uganda now face new regulations and restrictions to their activities after protests by local bu...

Richard Sezibera

Secretary General, EAC

In December, East African Community Secretary General Richard Sezibera rejected Sudan’s bid to join the regional bloc. The application failed on geographic grounds – on South Sudan...

Fuel crisis endangers regimes

Anger in the region at overpriced and scarce fuel is growing in the face of official complicity in a distribution corrupt system

High world fuel prices are stoking unrest and inflation in many developing economies but the situation in East Africa is spinning out of control due to a corrupt and chronically mi...

Displaying 11-20 out of 43 results.