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The colonels and captains settle in

Beset by jihadist insurgents, the juntas in Mali and Burkina Faso are shakier than Guinea – but none offer long-term answers to their countries' problems

The military juntas running Mali, Guinea, and Burkina Faso – in place since August 2020, September 2021, and January 2022 respectively – are set, according to their own timetables,...

Can Macron's new Sahel strategy work?

Rising hostility to Paris embarrasses regional governments as they seek French help to halt the southward spread of jihadist violence

It must have been with private relief that President Emmanuel Macron greeted England's 3-0 defeat of Senegal in the FIFA World Cup, thus sparing Les Bleus from a next-round clash w...

Onshore war versus offshore gains

Cabo Delgado insurgents have lost key positions but look set for a long war, while Maputo pleads with the operators to get the LNG project restarted

Officials applaud operations by the Rwandan Defence Force (RDF) and Southern African Development Community (SADC) troops to clear roads and transport hubs in troubled Cabo Delgado ...

Displaying 1-4 out of 4 results.