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A diplomatic coup in Addis

Just hours before voting began for the new chairperson of the African Union Commission in Addis Ababa on 15 July, veteran diplomats were predicting a repeat of the deadlock that ha...

Entente absente

Efforts to negotiate a compromise between Gabon and South Africa over the contest for the presidency of the African Union Commission are faltering. This is unlikely to be resolved...

Rewards and realpolitik

Kenyan and Sudanese officials are claiming victory in their battle against the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

France and the United States are seriously considering the African Union (AU)'s requests to defer the International Criminal Court's prosecution of six Kenyan officials and Sudan's...

Summitry in a time of revolution

Journalists at the African Union conference centre in Addis Ababa determinedly intruded on private grief as they quizzed the Egyptian Foreign Minister's press officer about just ...

No one writes to the Colonel

After blocking Gadaffi’s bid for a second term as AU Chairman, the summiteers toughened their anti-coup rules and called for peacekeepers in Somalia

The reign of Libya’s Moammar el Gadaffi as Chairman of the African Union has ended in a petulant whimper rather than in a big bang for African unity as the Colonel had promised. He...

René N'guettia Kouassi

Director, African Union Department of Economic Affairs

By offering an alternative source of financing and diplomatic support, China has become a useful bargaining chip for African countries. Sounding a note of caution to African pol...

The other Pan-Africanists

The Pan-African Parliament is seeking greater powers, clashing with Gadaffi's proposals for a continent-wide government

Amid the calls for an immediate union government for Africa by Libya's Colonel Moammar el Gadaffi, this year’s African Union Chairman, many overlook the existence of the Pan-Africa...

Diversions and deviations at the Summit

Pressing issues on Somalia, Sudan and the global financial crisis were sidelined by a protracted argument about continental government

'At least our meetings with Libya's Moammar el Gadaffi as Chairman won't be boring', said one official ruefully at the African Union's 1-4 February summit in Addis Ababa. As if to...

Nkrumah's second coming

Fifty years after Ghana's leader mooted plans for a United States of Africa, the Accra summit replays the arguments without conclusion

Supporters of Ghana's founding President, Kwame Nkrumah, found the African Union summit in Accra on 1-3 July both a tribute and a huge frustration. Billed as the 'Grand Debate', it...

Displaying 21-30 out of 43 results.