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Whose aid is it anyway?

Britain is leading the charge to redefine aid to include spending on the military and migration controls as well as subsidies to business

As Western countries shuffle their aid budgets, their officials are arguing about where the axe should fall and how to maintain diplomatic leverage. Diplomats have worked out that ...

Gunning for aid

The European Commission proposes to allow development aid to fund the military in developing countries, though only 'in exceptional circumstances'. This is part of a trend to reduc...

The meaning of 'aid'

Members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development are quietly reconsidering the definition of aid to developing countries, what it calls Official Development Ass...

Goalfest in Addis

A UN conference on how to replace the expiring Millennium Development Goals with a new programme looked mostly at money

Populated by sleep-deprived politicians and their entourages, non-governmental organisation activists and assorted policy wonks, the United Nations Financing for Development meetin...

Water music

The much-maligned World Summit on Sustainable Development may have pulled off one success, not so much in endorsing the goal of halving the number of those who lack access to water...

Displaying 1-5 out of 5 results.