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Obiang's goals

Hosting the Africa Cup of Nations has enabled President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo to improve his country's image and raise his regional profile. At the opening ceremony of the ...

Shame about the politics

The players are good but big problems lie at the organisational level

It took Germany's historic 7-1 defeat of Brazil on 8 July to put the disappointing performance of African teams at the Fédération Internationale de Football Associati...

Football fever

Congo-Kinshasa wants to host major football tournaments and China is helping to prepare the country's mostly dilapidated stadiums

Congo-Kinshasa is bidding to host the 2019 African Cup of Nations, the continent’s most important football tournament. The Kinshasa government is counting on China’s he...

Maghreb’s early bath

If the Arab Spring was meant to breathe new vitality into all areas of North African life, nobody told the football teams at this year’s hugely popular Africa Cup of Nations. For t...

Booted out

Shock spread when South Africa, host of the 2010 World Cup, was knocked out in the first round after an ignominious 3-0 defeat by Zambia on 30 January. A furious President Thabo Mb...

And now the world

Held back by political and economic crises, Africa's football talent shines through

President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali's restrained applause after the national soccer team's victory in the African Cup of Nations on 14 February was, like many things in Tunisia, heav...

Kicking off

A fight for the FIFA Presidency points to divisions among Africa's officials

African soccer is in decent if not spectacular form. Leading the pack into the World Cup tournament in France this June are Nigeria's talented Super Eagles, ahead of the other Afri...

Viva Bafana Bafana

South Africa's victories help heal old wounds and highlight Africa's soccer skills

It was a political as much as a sporting triumph when South Africa’s national team, Bafana Bafana (‘The boys, the boys’) stormed through to the African Cup of Nat...

Displaying 1-8 out of 8 results.