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Dialogue in dollars

Conspicuous among those lobbying for dialogue with the National Islamic Front is US-born Mansoor Ijaz, the Pakistani-descended founding Chairman of Crescent Investment Management, ...

A brigadier calls

Washington officials are talking of a major review on Sudan policy and a harder line against the National Islamic Front government as opposition forces in southern and eastern Suda...

Albright's team

The nomination of Madeleine Albright as President Bill Clinton's new Secretary of State for African Affairs opens the way for a reshuffle of the Africa department's officials. Most...

Standing (by)

United States' plans for a 10,000-strong all-African military force to intervene in regional political crises are winning cautious backing from European and African governments. Mu...

American in Africa

Washington's trade campaign in Africa has been hit hard by the death of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown when his military Boeing crashed near Dubrovnik, Croatia, on 3 April.

Voice of Babel

Washington's Voice of America is to broadcast in three languages – Oromo and Tigrinya as well as Amharic – to Ethiopia in response to growing criticism from Addis Ababa about the c...

Target Gadaffi

The United States and Israel have constructed a series of bases in Chad, Cameroon and elsewhere in which they are training a substantial Contra force of Libyans, including up to 2,...

Displaying 181-188 out of 188 results.