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Population: 1.39 bn.
GDP: $12.24 trn.
Debt: $1.71 trn.

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Underground and under threat

Non-governmental organisation Human Rights Watch launched the first in-depth report about abusive practices in Chinese-owned mines in Zambia on 3 November. It is based on the evide...

Harare in the sky with diamonds

The government is working on a diamond-backed deal to buy new aeroplanes as the Kimberley Process allows the country to export gems again

The Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) government has tried to disguise its plan for China Sonangol to finance new airplanes for Air Zimbabwe. The joint vent...

Protection makes a racket

South Korean companies had worried that they would not receive the same advantages as Chinese companies (AAC Vol 4 No 12, Faith, Grace and intervention). However, Indigenisation Mi...

Frozen funds

The finance for the Congolese-Chinese joint venture has been held up and Kinshasa wants the mining companies to bridge the gap

China is withholding money that is needed to rehabilitate 700 kilometres of railway in Katanga and Kasai, leading the Congolese government to call on mining companies to raise the ...

IMF worried about Chinese loans again

The award of the copper and cobalt mines at the Lonshi and Frontier sites to the Hong Kong company Fortune Ahead Limited is causing concern at the International Monetary Fund. Cong...

The unions turn up the pressure

Chinese companies’ treatment of trades unions in South Africa has come to national attention again, just as the elections in Zambia have highlighted the government’s role in managi...

Insider trading

Australian financial authorities are investigating the trading activities of resource company executives in two lucrative takeover deals

The latest attempt by a Chinese company to secure African mining assets from Australian companies has hit the skids over concerns about insider trading by Hanlong Mining. Sever...

Dalai Lama dumped again

Beijing appears to call the shots in relations with South Africa. While the Dalai Lama awaited a visa to attend Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s 80th birthday party on 7th October, So...

Displaying 181-190 out of 475 results.