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South Korea

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Seoul’s new strategy

A new five-year aid plan sets out Seoul’s goal of matching its economic strength in the diplomatic arena

South Korea is beginning to take its trade and aid more seriously, and Africa stands to benefit. The Seoul government’s hosting of the G-20 Summit in November again shifted the deb...

The Asian aid summit

Seoul intends to keep the promises made at November’s G-20 summit and began by hosting a gathering of Asian development agencies on 19 November.

Kim Jae-shin

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, South Korea

South Korea’s new Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Kim Sung-hwan took office in October, pledging closer engagement with Africa. His first emissary is Deputy Minister Kim Jae-shi...

Stalemate in Seoul

The economic and currency quarrels of the big powers overshadowed President Lee’s efforts to commit the G-20 to stronger development policies

African countries, like most states at the Group of 20 summit in Seoul on 12-13 November, saw their core concerns about growing protectionism and investment flows overshadowed by t...

Diplomatic wins and aid wobbles

The 12-13 November Group of 20 Summit in Seoul afforded a great opportunity for South Korea to boost its Africa diplomacy. This is based on a modest aid budget, multibillion doll...

Cooperating with Cohydro

Korea National Oil Corporation is discussing a potential strategic partnership with the parastatal Congolaise des Hydrocarbures. KNOC President Kang Young-won and Cohydro Chairman ...

Seoul's modest but steady progress

South Korea cannot match the deals made by China nor can it provide the same levels of aid as countries in North America and Europe. Still, that does not stop it from carving out...

Chun Seung-hun

President, Korea Institute for Development Strategy

South Korea has come late to the African party. Seoul's anxiety to match Japan, China and India's engagement with the continent has seen it emulate many of their multilateral de...

Gadaffi guns for Seoul's spy

An espionage row is holding up progress on a US$438 million project.

An espionage row in which Libya expelled one of Seoul’s secret agents is holding up progress on a US$438 million project signed on 6 August between South Korea’s Daewoo Engineering...

Displaying 31-40 out of 70 results.