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South Korea

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Scepticism grows over STX houses

A feistier opposition in Parliament demands more scrutiny on Seoul's multibillion-dollar housing deal

Members of Ghana's opposition are demanding more due diligence on the government's US$1.5 billion housing deal.

Out of the starting blocks

On 24 May, Seoul’s Strategy and Finance Ministry identified Algeria, Ethiopia, Congo-Kinshasa, South Africa and Tanzania as ‘strategically important’ countries in its economic coop...

Building on oil money

The US$10 billion STX housing deal gets its first hearing in Parliament just as the government prepares to borrow $1.5 bn. in future oil revenues

The Ghanaian government is proposing to put up US$1.5 billion of its future oil revenues to finance the first phase of a controversial housing project with the South Korean const...

More multibillion mining contracts for Kinshasa

President Kabila’s trip to Seoul yields another multibillion-dollar mining deal just as a midway review of China’s US$6 bn. contract is completed

Five years after his first official visit, President Joseph Kabila returned to South Korea on 29-30 March. Two protocols were agreed. The first accord seeks to replicate China’s U...

Lee Myung-bak

President, South Korea

Lee Myung-bak has kept Africa high on his agenda and has continued his predecessor’s Africa-friendly policies. A second Korea-Africa Economic Cooperation Conference was held in 200...

Kim Hyong-o

National Assembly Speaker, South Korea

The January trip to North Africa of South Korea’s Kim Hyong-o served two main objectives – to promote trade and to lay the groundwork for a non-permanent seat on the United Nations...

Shin Kak-soo

Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, South Korea

Under President Lee Myung-bak, South Korea is devoting more attention to Africa. In 2009, Lee pledged to double aid to Africa to US$200 million. Shortly after, Seoul hosted its sec...

Mortgages and minerals

A Korean construction company has sealed a huge contract to build houses with Ghana's government in a new twist on resource trades

Accra is leading the way forward on housing development, bringing in South Korean company STX Group to build 200,000 housing units over the next five years at a cost of US$10 bil...

It's not over until it's over

After winning back its oil acreage, South Korea offers pipelines, a power station and negotiations with its commercial rivals

After winning a court battle over the Nigerian government's attempt to cancel its oil production licences, South Korea's Korea National Oil Corporation is offering to finance bil...

A useful deal in the Delta

South Korea's state-run Land and Housing Corporation is offering investments and technical cooperation in the oil-rich Niger Delta, a move that might help the ambitions of Seoul'...

Displaying 41-50 out of 70 results.