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Kinshasa in court

President Joseph Kabila's government now has the distinction of facing three international court cases in which foreign companies accuse it of arbitrarily seizing their assets. Th...

Ottawa confronts Africa at the G-20 summit

Canadian officials will raise a mining dispute with the Kinshasa government when they host the grand summit this weekend

Canada, which hosts the Group of Eight and Group of Twenty summits on 26-27 June, is to call for action against what it claims is an attempt by Congo-Kinshasa to expropriate a copp...

Ottawa rewrites the diplomatic and commercial rules

A fierce ideological battle is raging over Canada's foreign policy and the balance between its commitments to multilateralism and the United Nations, where it has been a stalwart provider of funds and peacekeepers, and its deepening alliance with its powerful neighbour, the United States.

Canada's once vibrant enthusiasm for Africa is caught in the middle of this argument. In the left corner are the myriad critics of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government which,...

Non-Government Who's Who

Stephen Lewis: United Nations' Special Envoy, HIV-AIDS in Africa, 2001-06; Deputy Director, UN Children's Fund, 1995-1999; Canada's Permanent Representative, UN, 1984-98; was Coord...

Displaying 1-6 out of 6 results.