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Kyiv and Moscow give peace mission short shrift

After days of awkward and unproductive diplomacy, the economic consequences of the war will worsen for Africa – starting with the collapse of the grain deal

The African peace mission to Ukraine and Russia has exposed the chasm between the two countries – with Kyiv insisting on Russian withdrawal from its territory and Moscow insi...


Security row overshadows diplomatic outreach

The ill-fated peace mission to Kyiv and Moscow could set the tone for the Africa summit in St Petersburg in July

The African peace mission to Ukraine and Russia did not recover from a diplomatic row with Poland last Friday (16 June) after a delegation of guards and the media was stopped in Wa...


Grain-fed diplomacy

Kyiv is stepping up its outreach to Africa, putting grain and national sovereignty at the heart of its argument

Officials in Kyiv concede that, prior to Russia's invasion, their diplomatic outreach in Africa and the Global South had been very limited. Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky a...


Zelensky gets on the line to Addis

The delayed address by Ukraine's President to the AU Commission evens the score with Moscow but didn't trigger a breakthrough

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky got his audience with African leaders on 20 June, some four months after Moscow's invasion of his country.


Displaying 1-7 out of 7 results.