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Population: 97.55 mn.
GDP: $235.37 bn.
Debt: $82.89 bn.

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Gamal Mubarak's retreat

Gamal Mubarak, Egyptian presidential son and putative heir (until he announced on 3 February that he would not stand for President) of beleaguered President Hosni Mubarak, was w...

Telling the story

As the 13 May deadline for the Nile Basin Initiative Cooperative Framework looms, Egyptian efforts to stop the deal have become more apparent. The stances taken by Burundi and Cong...

Mubarak and son limited

This year’s presidential election is unlikely to bring much change but the real challenge to the ruling party will come from the streets

The likeliest choice of official candidate for the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) in September’s presidential election is between the 82-year-old and ailing incumbent, Moha...

Mubarak's last stand

After fixing the legislative elections, the NDP prepares for a much tougher fight in next year’s presidential polls

After its claimed landslide victory in the 28 November parliamentary elections, the National Democratic Party's local and international credibility has hit an all time low. The NDP...

The thwarted contenders

Muslim Brotherhood (MB, El Akhwan el Muslimoon): The MB remains the main opposition party despite continual crackdowns and waves of arrests by the intelligence services. It also su...

El Baradei’s boycott falters

As elections approach, the Muslim Brotherhood may be the only challenger to President Hosni Mubarak

The campaign by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mohamed el Baradei for a mass boycott of the general elections on 29 November is in disarray after several opposition groups, including ...

Nuclear-powered brothers

With the political endgame well under way for President Hosni Mubarak, his government is expanding its nuclear ambitions. Given that Mubarak has been a loyal Western ally, his nucl...

Secret talks

Egypt has quietly accepted that Southern Sudanese may choose independence in January's referendum in return for assurances that the Juba government will not abandon the 1959 Nile W...

Generational change

After three decades, President Mubarak is determined to keep a grip on power for as long as it takes to prepare his son Gamal to succeed him

The suggestions that the internationally respected diplomat Mohamed Mostafa el Baradei is an enemy of the Egyptian state show the desperation of the power clique around the fading,...

Succession is a family business

First Lady Suzanne Mubarak (née Thabet, born in El Minya to an Egyptian doctor and his Welsh wife) is increasingly important in politics, building national alliances and an interna...

Displaying 101-110 out of 141 results.