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Population: 97.55 mn.
GDP: $235.37 bn.
Debt: $82.89 bn.

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The ball is in the court

Judicial battles are as crucial to the political future as the clashes between Mursi and the military

President Mohamed Mursi’s challenge to the validity of a constituent assembly dictated by the military has been postponed amid brawling in court, on the street and in politics in g...

Soldier against Muslim Brother

The first presidential round showed that the political ground is shifting and may continue to do so, whoever wins the second round

Whatever the outcome of the presidential run-off between Ahmed Shafiq and Mohamed Mursi, the first-round results have much to say about how electoral politics have been evolving si...

Presiding over chaos

The presidential election is likely to go ahead but pitched battles over the new constitution are set to continue

Political turmoil has followed the rejection of several candidates for the presidential election, including the Muslim Brotherhood’s Khairat el Shater and the Salafist hopeful, Haz...

Israel and the energy crisis

Cairo’s cancellation of gas exports to Israel owe more to commerical interests than ideological conviction

The state-owned Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (Egas) had plenty of reasons to end the gas export deal with Israel’s East Mediterranean Gas (EMG) and the Cairo government had...

Differences sharpen in presidential poll

The battle lines and electoral calculations are becoming clearer

The Muslim Brotherhood’s nomination of its deputy leader, Khairat el Shater, as presidential candidate on 5 April reflects the MB’s sharply deteriorating relations with the ruling ...

The men who would be Rais

Khairat el Shater: A successful businessman, El Shater spent twelve years in prison under President Hosni Mubarak. From his cell, he still took a leading role in the Muslim Broth...

Unity on cash crisis

The IMF offers concessions to the Islamist-dominated parliament

The Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Freedom and Justice Party, the largest in the new Parliament, is now on a neo-liberal economic course as it supports government proposals to borrow...

What lies beyond Tahrir

The revolution will remain under threat from the military’s grip on political power, the best guarantee of its privileges

Clashes between a military bereft of strategic vision and an ascendant Islamist majority in Parliament and on the streets will dominate politics this year. Minorities such as liber...

Subsidy cuts and crony capitalists

Religious and political arguments will dominate discussion in Cairo’s cafés this year, but more mundane matters of economic policy, interest rates and taxation levels may do more t...

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Mohammed Mursi

President, Egypt

Too pragmatic for the Salafists, too conservative for secularists, Mohammed Mursi will walk a thin line after winning the presidency on 24 June.

Displaying 91-100 out of 156 results.