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Population: 97.55 mn.
GDP: $235.37 bn.
Debt: $82.89 bn.

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Pharaoh's frown

The new government is riding a nationalist wave but still needs to win political credibility

Egypt is in the throes of a nationalist backlash, a reaction to claims in the Western media, particularly in the United States, that the co-pilot of the airliner which crashed on 3...

Mubarak's men - new and old

The ruling party barons remain unchanged: some have been around since President Gamal Abdel Nasser's day. The new faces are mainly technocratic and junior: gradualist and market-or...

The Nile flows on

Egypt has more success with trade than with foreign policy

As it struggles to keep its role as Middle East peace broker, Cairo is also juggling its emerging ambition to become the region's largest and most advanced free-market economy. Fro...

Counting chickens

New money is allowing Cairo to embark on bold projects to increase the flow of the Nile

The present Sudan government stands for everything the Egyptian government dislikes and fears, including Islamist extremism, international terrorism, domestic instability, hostilit...

Keep on rollin'

The pressing need to increase water supply along the Nile’s 6,825 kilometres has nurtured various degrees of cooperation between ten states, several of which have strained re...

Changing gear slowly

President Mubarak's cautious reshuffle disappoints reformers and foreign investors

Prime Minister Kamal el Ganzouri has acquired more real power than any previous occupant of what has been a largely ceremonial post. By centring power on the Premier's office, Pres...

When the Pharaoh calls

Cairo's attempts to resuscitate Nasser's pan- African schemes have foundered

Egypt has two goals for its African policy: the prestige of leading the continent and the defence of the Nile waters. The aspiration to leadership stems largely from nostalgia for ...

Displaying 151-157 out of 157 results.