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Population: 97.55 mn.
GDP: $235.37 bn.
Debt: $82.89 bn.

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Patience snaps over IMF

Two senior Finance Ministry officials resign over the government’s continuing refusal to grasp the nettle of an IMF package

Talks with the International Monetary Fund and other financiers over a US$15 billion package of assistance and structural reform continue but the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated gover...

No cash to count on

The failure of successive governments to get a grip on economic policy has left Egypt’s finances in a perilous state

In November, President Mohamed Mursi decided to give priority to consolidating his power base. The economic consequences are now becoming starkly apparent. Foreign exchange reserve...

Navigating the rapids

Egypt is set for another turbulent year as the political conflicts following the 2011 revolution play out and the economy struggles to recover

Elections for the lower house of parliament, the Maglis el Nuwab, are scheduled during the next two months but could be delayed if disputes over the constitution persist. The polls...

A country polarised

The President’s enforcement of his power over the judiciary paves the way for a new constitution and a dangerously divided country

If the referendum on Egypt’s new constitution goes ahead as planned on 15 December and wins a majority, it will mark a political victory for President Mohamed Mursi and the Muslim ...

Tax threat to IMF deal

The uproar caused by President Mohamed Mursi’s declaration of full powers on 22 November threatens Egypt’s efforts to mobilise funds from the International Monetary Fund and other ...

Egyptians return in search of gold

Last August, Egyptian billionaire Naguib Onsi Sawiris, 58, bought La Mancha Resources, owner of 40% of Sudan’s Ariab Mining Company. Naguib is a Coptic Christian and telecommunicat...

Courting foreign business

The new government wants to win back the confidence of foreign investors but all it has to offer is warmed-up policies from Mubarak’s era

At the end of September, an Egyptian investment bank, the Beltone Financial, held a conference in Cairo for its international clients, heralding a ‘New Dawn’ for the Egyptian econo...

President Mursi's soft coup

The Muslim Brothers consolidate power and find some military support, while the media suffers a crackdown

When President Mohamed Mursi retired the two most powerful military officers on 12 August, he strengthened the Muslim Brotherhood’s grip on power but the move also seems to have wo...

Let them wear cotton

One of the first challenges for Egypt’s new Prime Minister, Hisham Kandil, was to explain the collapse of large swathes of the electricity grid in early August. In a late-night tel...

Displaying 81-90 out of 156 results.