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Population: 120.28m
GDP: $80.56 bn.
Debt: $26.56 bn.

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Hands across the water

Addis Ababa is becoming Washington's key ally against an expansionist Khartoum

The Addis Ababa-Washington axis is in better shape than for more than 25 years, probably since the hey-days of Emperor Haile Selassie in the 1960s. For the United States, Meles Zen...

Voice of Babel

Washington's Voice of America is to broadcast in three languages – Oromo and Tigrinya as well as Amharic – to Ethiopia in response to growing criticism from Addis Ababa about the c...

Power to the provinces

The regionalisation strategy is facing its biggest test this year - can it reduce poverty?

Winning elections has proved easy for Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and his colleagues. Unsurprising, say his critics, given that the opposition is too divided to put up a credible f...

Displaying 281-283 out of 283 results.