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Population: 28.83 mn.
GDP: $47.33 bn.
Debt: $22.02 bn.

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Anniversary boycott

Too many Ghanaians suspect that their judges administer the law in favour of the New Patriotic Party government. Their mistrust was increased by the gaoling for ten years of Daniel...

Ghana's gain

The election of President John Kufuor to the Chairmanship of the African Union was a personal victory for his Foreign Minister and presidential aspirant, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Add...

Penalty shoot-out

The opposition NDC will choose its flagbearer next week and the wrong choice could be fatal

Having lost two successive elections to President John Kufuor, former Vice-President John Evans Atta Mills is tipped to win the presidential nomination for the opposition National ...

Snow white

The Ghana Bar Association says it is considering disciplinary action against Capt (retd) Nkrabea Effah-Dartey, a former deputy Interior Minister and ex officio Chairman of the Narc...

Air heads

Widespread scepticism has greeted denials by Chief of Staff and Presidential Affairs Minister Kwadwo Okyere Mpiani that he had no hand in the dismissal of four top executives at Gh...

Exporting the vote

Overseas citizens help pay Ghana's bills and want to elect its next government

Some three million Ghanaians living overseas are entitled to vote in presidential and parliamentary elections, since President John Agyekum Kufuor signed the Representation of the ...


The ruling party, ahead of its national congress, denies corruption by those seeking to lead it

The ruling New Patriotic Party, with its national congress due on 17 December, is torn by claims of financial abuses by its Chairman, Haruna Esseku (AC Vol 46 Nos 12 & 19). The...

A test for the peers

African states have their chance to judge th Kufuor government's record

A central principle of Africa's bargain with industrialised countries is that its own governments should assess each other's performance and publish the results. In return for fore...

Hotel Hullaballoo

A lady, a hotel, a president and an old-fashioned political scandal

Gizelle Yazji, a Florida-based Iraqi financial consultant, claims that she negotiated the purchase of a US$3.5 million hotel in Accra's upmarket Airport district on behalf of Presi...

Nervy neighbours

Along its frontiers, Ghana keeps a nervous eye on turbulent Côte d'Ivoire and Togo

A strange silence from Accra greeted the sudden death, on 5 February, of Togo's (and Africa's) longest-serving leader, Etienne Gnassingbé Eyadéma. The subsequent even...

Displaying 151-160 out of 216 results.