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Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau

Population: 1.86 mn.
GDP: $1.35 bn.
Debt: $0.33 bn.

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Guinea-Bissau’s appearance at the United Nations normally attracts no fanfare but this year there was much anticipation when its interim President, Raimundo Pereira, overthrown in...

More time for the junta

The Economic Community of West African States has given the confused military junta twelve months to ease itself from power. However, the United Nations is holding out for an immed...

Return of the narco-state

The coup appears to be the work of the same officers who were involved in previous seizures of power and drug smuggling

The military coup of 12 April was the culmination of a steady rise in tension and political instability over several weeks. An alliance, possibly temporary, of ex-President Kumba Y...

Gomes in the lead

On 18 March, Guinea Bissau chooses a successor to the late President Malam Bacai Sanhá, who died in harness on 9 January.

Containers of corruption

The government of West Africa’s leading narco-state remains tight-lipped about a corruption case involving three officials of the Energy and Natural Resources Ministry who were ar...

A runaway army

Led by a ‘drug kingpin’, April’s coup may be part of a military struggle for control of international drug trafficking networks

The latest military coup to rock the tiny state of Guinea Bissau began on 1 April, when a pickup truck full of armed and drunken soldiers arrived at the United Nations office in Bi...

Mutually assured destruction

The main threat to peace in Bissau is a coup d’état following the fatal bombing of the Army Chief of Staff, General Batista Tagme Na Waie, on 1 March and the retaliatory killing of...

A cocaine coup fails

Things turned nasty in late July, when the Minister of Justice, Carmelita Pires, and the Public Prosecutor, Luis Manuel Cabral, received death threats. This was due to their persis...

Cocaine central

President Vieira's feeble regime is being almost overwhelmed by the drugs trade

Cocaine has been, after oil, West Africa's highest value export to Europe in recent months, according to regional police reports. The coca which forms the basis of the drug is not ...

The cocaine web spreads

Latin America's druglords are doing multimillion dollar business with West Africa's military and their politician pals

From their heydays in Nigeria in the 1980s, Latin America's druglords are diversifying their business in Africa. Nigerian traders still play a key role: they are regarded as world ...

Displaying 21-30 out of 39 results.