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Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau

Population: 1.86 mn.
GDP: $1.35 bn.
Debt: $0.33 bn.

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Treaty testing

As regional diplomats struggled to negotiate a truce on 3 February, the French-backed peacekeeping initiative, Renforcement des Capacités Africaines en Maintien de la Paix ...

December surprise

West African leaders meeting, on 14 December in Lomé, Togo, to talk about Guinea Bissau have had a surprising success. They have brokered a power-sharing deal between President Joã...

Pushing for Praia

After a turf war between mediators, peace has begun to break out

With attention focused on the Congo-Kinshasa war, the rebellion which broke out in Guinea Bissau in early June (AC Vol 39 Nos 13, 14 & 16) has already become one of Africa’s fo...

Mane fights on

Amid the shelling and the frantic efforts of over 200,000 displaced Guineans to find food and shelter, President João Bernardo ‘Nino’ Vieira’s mandate expi...

Mane's men

An army mutiny has quickly become a security problem for the neighbouring states

Demoralised troops, Casamance and cannabis smuggling have all fanned the flames of Guinea Bissau’s army mutiny. It has now engulfed the sub-region in the crisis, drawing Sene...

Displaying 41-45 out of 45 results.