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Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau

Population: 1.86 mn.
GDP: $1.35 bn.
Debt: $0.33 bn.

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A cocaine coup fails

Things turned nasty in late July, when the Minister of Justice, Carmelita Pires, and the Public Prosecutor, Luis Manuel Cabral, received death threats. This was due to their persis...

Cocaine central

President Vieira's feeble regime is being almost overwhelmed by the drugs trade

Cocaine has been, after oil, West Africa's highest value export to Europe in recent months, according to regional police reports. The coca which forms the basis of the drug is not ...

The cocaine web spreads

Latin America's druglords are doing multimillion dollar business with West Africa's military and their politician pals

From their heydays in Nigeria in the 1980s, Latin America's druglords are diversifying their business in Africa. Nigerian traders still play a key role: they are regarded as world ...

On edge

Recounts in three regions are possible after losing candidate Malam Bacai Sanhá disputed provisional election results giving former military ruler João Bernardo 'Nino...

Yala the spoiler

In the second round of the presidential elections due on 17 or 24 July, Malam Bacai Sanha of the ruling Partido Africano da Independência de Guiné e Cabo Verde (PAIGC)...

Yala's unlamented end

Africa's most predicted coup finally happened on 14 September when Army Chief of Staff General Verissimo Correia Seabra stepped in to end President Kumba Yala's ill-starred three a...

Death of a veteran

It seems that troops loyal to President Kumba Yala killed self-proclaimed Chief of Staff General Ansumane Mane in an ambush about 30 kilometres from the capital, Bissau, on 23 Nove...

Treaty testing

As regional diplomats struggled to negotiate a truce on 3 February, the French-backed peacekeeping initiative, Renforcement des Capacités Africaines en Maintien de la Paix ...

December surprise

West African leaders meeting, on 14 December in Lomé, Togo, to talk about Guinea Bissau have had a surprising success. They have brokered a power-sharing deal between President Joã...

Pushing for Praia

After a turf war between mediators, peace has begun to break out

With attention focused on the Congo-Kinshasa war, the rebellion which broke out in Guinea Bissau in early June (AC Vol 39 Nos 13, 14 & 16) has already become one of Africa’s fo...

Displaying 31-40 out of 42 results.