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Population: 19.88m
GDP: $12.63bn
Debt: 74.5% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Banda takes on her deputy

The President is at loggerheads with her deputy just as she tries to strengthen her party in Parliament

President Joyce Banda wants to build a parliamentary majority from defectors from the Democratic Progressive Party to her own People’s Party. She founded the PP after the late Pre...

Seoul says no to youth export

South Korea ends speculation on the matter and begins to investigate Yoon Choong-sup, the man behind the plan

South Korea is adamant that it did not and will not authorise the arrival of some 100,000 young Malawian workers, as announced by President Joyce Banda and her People’s Party...

Youth export palaver

Parliamentarians were up in arms after hearing that up to 100,000 young Malawians could be soon on their way to work in South Korea’s factories and farms in an effort by government...

Oil and gas prospects fuel lake row

The two sides will return to the table to settle an old dispute

Malawi and Tanzania will return to the negotiating table on 15-17 November to seek a diplomatic resolution to their dispute over the border in the lake that divides their two count...

The honeymoon’s over

If she lost her majority in Parliament, President Banda would lose control of her budget and the IMF programme, too

Acclaimed at home and abroad as a breath of fresh air when she took office on 7 April, President Joyce Banda is being severely put to the test. The President faces scheming opponen...

A long-distance run for Banda

The new President is trying to correct her predecessor’s blunders and persuade the people to face tough times ahead

President Joyce Banda has formed an inclusive government, appointing former enemies as well as allies in an effort to maintain a united front on economic problems. ‘The economy is ...

Three days in April

President Bingu wa Mutharika’s heart stopped during a meeting on 5 April with a member of parliament, Agnes Penemulungu. ‘He just stopped talking and tipped over and the woman scre...

New leader, new broom

Africa’s second female president faces a fickle parliament and a desperate economy

Joyce Banda, accepting promotion from Vice-President to President on the death of Bingu wa Mutharika, inaugurated her rule on 9 April by sacking the police chief, Peter Mukhito. It...

Pressure mounts on Mutharika

The IMF still wants devaluation, while a former Attorney General claims the governing party is hiring thugs to silence critics

Ralph Kasambara is voicing the concern of many when he warns of a campaign of intimidation against civil society activists by criminals hired by the party in power.

Displaying 61-70 out of 157 results.