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Population: 18.62 mn.
GDP: $6.3 bn.
Debt: $2.16 bn.

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Dog days in Lilongwe

When five dogs belonging to a white Zimbabwean couple, Dean and Helen van Schalhwal, savaged their 72-year-old watchman, Samson Chimdima, in Lilongwe last month, the incident escal...


The death of Aleke Banda was announced on 9 April 2010. Although he was born in Zambia (then Northern Rhodesia), was educated in Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia) and died in South Afri...

Changing sides with profit

Malawi has profitably switched its allegiance to China from Taiwan with a price tag of over US$350 million. In the past two years, China has taken over road and building projects...

The rise and rise of ethnic politics

The predominance of Lhomwe people in the government hierarchy raises doubts about Mutharika's nationalism

The star attraction of the Lhomwe cultural festival last month was President Bingu wa Mutharika: his presence reflects his growing use of his own ethnic identity to mobilise politi...

Seeking power

The sudden death in South Africa on 20 September of Ishmael Chafukira has prompted the usual suspicions. The Malawi Congress Party member of parliament for Lilongwe North-West was ...

Glass houses

Questions have arisen about the financing of President Bingu wa Mutharika's palace and mausoleum in Thyolo District. The contractor is Portugal's Mota-Engil (AC Vol 50 No 16), whic...

On top and in charge

The May elections have given President Mutharika political dominance for the term that is meant to be his last

After his victory in the 19 May elections, President Bingu wa Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) dominate Malawi's political scene. Mutharika won 66% of the vote ...

A double win for Bingu

The overwhelming election victory for the President and his party revive troubling memories of Kamuzu Banda's system

Voters overturned the political order in the fourth of Malawi's multiparty elections on 19 May. They voted for Bingu wa Mutharika for a second term in the presidency by a margin of...

Then there were two

The Malawi Electoral Commission’s barring of former President Bakili Muluzi from May’s presidential election has sparked a crisis after the dissolution of Parliament and the start ...

A new federation

In Malawi, the President seems to be blundering towards a new version of the Central African Federation

Back in the 1950s, as independence for its Empire became inevitable, Britain tried to unite some smaller units into federations it deemed large enough to stand alone. This never go...

Displaying 81-90 out of 149 results.