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Population: 23.38m
GDP: $11.24bn
Debt: 74.9% of GDP (2024)

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His friend Bob

President Mutharika seems to be buddying up to Zimbabwe's failing boss, which looks a bad move

Since he became President in 2004, Bingu wa Mutharika has confounded expectations that he would go on governing as his predecessor, Bakili Muluzi, did. His management of the econom...

Conflict in a lakeside church

Nkhotakota is a small town on the western shore of Lake Malawi, whose opposite coastline, in Mozambique, is occasionally visible. The corrugated-iron roofed Cathedral of All Sain...


President Bingu lacks patience for the stand-off with his parliamentary opponents

The shrill voices of government officials dominate the airwaves, as political paralysis gives way to feuding. 'You think I don't bite? I have teeth which bite and I will start biti...

Unity? Who with?

The death of First Lady Ethel Mutharika on 28 May and the immediate proroguing of parliament led to an eerie calm: political foes briefly spoke to each other again. On 15 June, the...

Muluzi the Third

Ex-President Bakili Muluzi finally announced, to a large rally of his United Democratic Front on 11 March, that he will be its candidate for the 2009 presidential election. On 10 F...

Pipe Dreams

In 1964 when the British colonialists left, Malawians ate mostly home-grown maize and earned foreign exchange from tobacco. Despite huge efforts and the doubling of the population,...

Muluzi on the record

In Britain for a month, former President Bakili Muluzi tells Africa Confidential about his political plans

Malawian attitudes to former President Bakili Muluzi are still mixed but President Bingu wa Mutharika insists that he is still a 'good friend'. His Deputy Information Minister, Joh...

Who said what to whom?

The latest bizarre political twist is the arrest of three senior executives of the former governing party, the United Democratic Front, whose chairman is ex-President Bakili Muluzi...

The President speaks

Bingu wa Mutharika puts his case: the IMF approves, politics are turbulent and the anti-corruption trials hang fire

Malawi is in political turmoil. As many as half of its MPs may face by-elections after a constitutional ruling barred them from changing party allegiance between elections. In the ...

Carpet crossing

Opposition parties are cheering the Constitutional Court's 8 November ruling in favour of restrictions on MPs trying to change their party allegiance after election.

Displaying 121-130 out of 165 results.