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Population: 32.07m
GDP: $15.78bn
Debt: 102.6% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Tourist trap

With backing from the World Bank's International Finance Corporation and the United States Agency for International Development President Armando Guebuza's government is tr...

Ordinary rendition

A diplomatic storm is brewing as Mozambican police crack down on West Africans they accuse of being illegal miners. The formal tone of a letter from the Mozambican High Commission ...

Firing up the coal

India needs coal to fire up its growth, freight rates from Australia's mines have soared, and India's own coal-mines are crippled by price controls and labour regulations. So imp...

The clock turns back

He came to power in 2005 with a reputation as a nationalist bruiser with hardline views and a dubious past of Marxist policies and human rights abuses. Since then, President Armand...

Guebuza and governance

As the World Bank proclaims its 'leadership role in the fight against fraud and corruption', it has emerged that it has breached its own good governance rules by facilitating and e...

Vila Algarve

The building which was the headquarters of torture and abuse by Portugal's secret police, is to be a centre for Mozambique's highest legal association, Ordem dos Advogados, in a re...

Let it walk

The economy is storming away and so is graft in President Guebuza's aid-dependent regime

President Armando Emilio Guebuza promotes himself as a successful businessman and a reformer. Two years ago that won him the presidency (AC Vol 47 No 6), but he is likely to face p...

Remaking Guebuza

The businessman President talks of free markets but not of freer politics

The makeover is complete. Step forward President Armando Emilio Guebuza, the thoroughly modern reformer. In the days of Marxist revolution and civil war, when the ruling Frente de ...

The Cahora Bassa takeover

The great hydroelectric barrage at Cahora Bassa, on the Zambezi River, has a rated capacity of 2,075 megawatts, is one of Africa's largest dams and has been a centre of contention ...

Born again Stalinism

President Guebuza combines liberal economics with hard-line politics

Treading the boards at the World Economic Forum in Cape Town last week, President Armando Guebuza, impressed the delegates as a witty and thoroughly modern business-minded reformer...

Displaying 181-190 out of 220 results.