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Population: 2.53 mn.
GDP: $13.25 bn.
Debt: n/a

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Breaking up the party

The latest attempt to replace the governing party has some impressive leaders but needs voters

It could be a new dawn in Namibia. In November, four years of factional fighting within the governing South West African People's Organisation culminated in a breakaway by senior p...

Sam bows out again

The founding President is standing down, but he certainly isn't going away for good

President Sam Nujoma, at 78, is at last moving into a back seat. He told a specially-convened meeting of the politburo of the ruling South West African People’s Organisation ...

Sam the lifer

Namibia’s founding President, Sam Nujoma, will almost certainly be elected to the new post of national chairman (probably for life) of the governing South West African People's Org...

Sam and son of Sam

Former President Sam Nujoma holds on to his party presidency, while his relations make their fortunes

The governing party is split and its veteran leader wants to take control again. After months of tension, the Politbureau of the South West African People's Organisation decided in...

Cosa Namibia

Palermo-born Vito Roberto Palazzolo, who is wanted by the Italian police on charges of membership of the mafia, drug-trafficking and money-laundering, is extending his business int...

Going nuclear Russian-style

Russia hopes to buy uranium from Africa and sell it generators, as nuclear power comes back into fashion. It has made offers to Angola (AC Vol 48 No 8) - and to Namibia, whose Mine...

SWAPO splinters

Senior officials in the governing South West African People's Organisation accuse supporters of leader and founding President Sam Nujoma of rigging party elections and harassing op...

Missing in action

New army Chief Lieutenant General Martin Shalli, recalled from Zambia last month after Gen. Solomon Hawala's sudden retirement, faces a storm over sales of armoured personnel carri...

Kobi's refuge

Former Chief Executive of United States-based Comverse Inc. Jacob 'Kobi' Alexander was arrested in Windhoek on 27 September on an Interpol warrant but he has formed some powerful b...

Sam sues

Former President Sam Nujoma's claim for N$5 million (US$650,000) damages against the The Namibian could backfire. Last year, it carried a lengthy report on the N$30 mn. Avid Invest...

Displaying 61-70 out of 117 results.