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Population: 2.25 mn.
GDP: $15.58 bn.
Debt: $2.10 bn.

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Kidnapped II

Just in time for President George W. Bush's visit to Gaberone on 10 July, a row has blow up over allegations that five suspected supporters of Al Qaida were kidnapped in Malawi by ...

Doing the splits

The main opposition party, the Botswana National Front, has a new leader but remains divided. At its national congress Otsweletso Moupo, a lawyer from Selebi Phikwe, beat Peter Wot...

Koma going

The feeble opposition should be strengthened by the imminent retirement of Kenneth Koma, veteran leader of the Botswana National Front. His BNF critics walked out in 1998 to form t...

Grit that glitters

Caught between blood diamonds and cheap copies, best friends move closer

The global diamond market is under pressure - from recession in North America, from 'blood diamonds' fuelling wars in Africa and from synthetic imitations. For Botswana, the threat...

Following Festus

The party congress season unleashes some political tensions

Botswana's low volume politics will be turned up a few notches in July when the two main parties hold their congresses and rival factions stake their political claims. In the rulin...

Diamonds and danger

Neither jewels nor stability pay a cure for HIV-AIDS

Botswana's famously democratic politics are as stable as usual but they cannot solve all the problems. First, the politics. A year into President Festus Mogae's first five-year ter...

All his own work

After a false start President Festus Mogae has passed his first electoral test

President Festus Mogae has gained the clear mandate he sought to govern in his own right. The ruling Botswana Democratic Party won its eighth successive victory at the general elec...

Diamond deal

As luck would have it, investment incentives and job creation measures by Botswana's new government could be paid for out of extra revenues from the recent recovery in the world di...

Khama country, again

The ruling duo of Mogae and Khama is consolidating ahead of next year's elections

When President Festus Mogae took office in April on Sir Quett Ketumile Masire's resignation, he proclaimed his government's commitment to human rights. Yet this seems to bypass the...

Best friends

The world's largest diamond producer by value stands ready to see off rivals as world recession slashes gemstone demand, especially from east Asia. The Debswana Mining Company, whi...

Displaying 31-40 out of 42 results.