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São Tomé & Príncipe

Population: 0.23m
GDP: $0.526bn
Debt: 63.1% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Trovoada's return

Former Prime Minister Patrice Trovoada has crowned an unlikely comeback with an emphatic victory in the 12 October legislative elections. One thing hasn't changed, however: his str...

Move closer

After allowing China to open a trade office in November, São Tomé is fending off claims that it may abandon Taiwan, its diplomatic ally

Prime Minister Gabriel Costa is walking a fine line by encouraging investment from both China and Taiwan. Chinese oil companies play a crucial role in oil exploration, but Taiwan o...

'Pirates' free captains

The two sea captains arrested in São Tomé left for home last week but President Manuel Pinto da Costa seemed determined to squeeze some profit out of the affair. On 2...

Total loss

Hopes of oil wealth seem to be in ruins now that oil company Total has decided to abandon Block 1 of the Joint Development Zone (JDZ) with Nigeria. France’s Total took over C...

'Piracy' row with Sweden

The public cheered its coastguard’s seizure of two ships accused smuggling. Stena Oil calls it piracy

Swedish firm Stena Oil accuses São Tomé of staging a show trial after it gaoled two ships’ masters for three years for smuggling and seized their vessels. This ...

Trovoada sacked

Prime Minister Patrice Trovoada’s government failed to reach the end of its term, as Africa Confidential predicted (AC Vol 53 No 22, Opposition shakes Trovoada), and lawyer Gabriel...

Opposition shakes Trovoada

Anti-government protestors demonstrate against the Prime Minister’s manipulation of national television

The biggest challenge yet to the government of Prime Minister Patrice Trovoada saw the three opposition parties band together in a major demonstration on 19 October with ‘Save Demo...

Dragons in Eden

Príncipe wants a tourist bonanza and fears that São Tomé may try to obstruct it

The authorities are still tracking down protestors on Príncipe island who, at dawn on 8 December, burned the national flag in front of the Regional Government building in Santo Ant...

Pinto da Costa back in office

Prime Minister Patrice Trovoada will have to find a way to deal with a President freed from party loyalties

A veteran of the liberation struggle, Manuel Pinto da Costa, defeated Evaristo do Espírito Santo Carvalho, Speaker of Parliament and candidate of the governing Acção Democrática In...

Displaying 21-30 out of 45 results.