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Population: 16.87m
GDP: $27.63bn
Debt: 74.3% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Sonko's trial is Sall's challenge

The outcome of the firebrand oppositionist's trial could transform the face of politics, and may open the way to other contenders

More than two years after he was first charged with raping the masseuse Adji Sarr and then making death threats, Ousmane Sonko, the charismatic leader of the Pastef Les Patriotes p...

Seck enters a crowded field

Veteran former Prime Minister Idrissa Seck has confirmed his plans to make a fourth bid for the presidency at the 2024 elections.

Sonko and the street take battle to Sall

Dakar and other cities are facing a wave of protest against the government, tougher living conditions and the president’s plan to extend his tenure

Searing criticism from what he had hoped would be a helpful government in Washington is the latest blow for President Macky Sall as opposition mounts against his government and his...

Sall manoeuvres for a high-risk third term

The president's camp is preparing for the 2024 elections and the challenge from Sonko and the growing opposition movement

Ousmane Sonko, the charismatic leader of the Pastefs les Patriotes opposition party, is in full campaign mode for the presidential elections due in early 2024 – although Pres...

Frank Timis, eco-warrior

Australian-Romanian businessman Frank Timis, a veteran of stock exchange fraud and corruption scandals, is charging into agriculture, snapping up vast landholdings in Senegal and o...

Weakened president in troubled waters

Electoral setbacks have left Macky Sall with a razor-thin majority, while he faces outcry over a suspected third-term bid

'A sorry spectacle'. That is how president Macky Sall qualified the scenes of fighting lawmakers at the opening of the Assemblée nationale, Senegal's 165-strong parliament, ...

BBY suffers poll backlash

Final results of elections to the 165-seat national assembly are yet to be confirmed – but the 31 July polls have delivered a major setback to the ruling Benno Bokk Yakaar coalitio...

Poll ban fans the flames

Ousmane Sonko, co-leader of the opposition Yewwi Askan Wi electoral alliance, promises major protests on 29 June in protest at the killing of protestors by security forces on 17 Ju...

Macky Sall faces the third-term curse

Opposition candidates are coordinating across rural areas and provincial cities to break the ruling alliance's grip on parliament

Opponents of President Macky Sall are assembling a broad alliance ahead of the parliamentary elections on 31 July. If they are successful, this will influence Sall's calculations a...

Displaying 1-10 out of 115 results.