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Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Population: 7.56 mn.
GDP: $3.77 bn.
Debt: $1.73 bn.

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APC tries to stall election

After desperate politicians exploited ethnic allegiances, the ruling party is trying to stop the presidential runoff going ahead

Few surprises were produced by Sierra Leone's presidential elections on 7 March, which saw the ruling All People's Congress presidential candidate, Samura Kamara, head to a runoff ...

Flights of fancy

President Ernest Bai Koroma officially launched the Mamamah international airport project and associated 'airport city' for Freetown on 2 March, just in time to boost the prospects...

'Usual suspects' face challenge

With two weeks to polling day, the field is surprisingly open among those wooing voters for the chance to succeed Koroma

To many, the scandal surrounding the government's misuse of IMF funds to prime the electoral pump for the benefit of the ruling All People's Congress typifies the country's parlous...

Drilling down

Sierra Leone's biggest mining company, Tonkolili Iron Ore, has been accused of complicity in rape, assault and the false imprisonment of a protester in a landmark case being heard ...

IMF stops funds over 'election' budget

The government is spending IMF money on trying to win the election, not on agreed measures for economic recovery. The Fund has suspended payments

A confidential despatch by United States diplomats in Freetown has laid bare the cause of strained relations between President Ernest Bai Koroma's government and the International ...

A homemade disaster

Toothless state agencies, illegal quarrying and government inaction sowed the seeds of August's deadly mudslide

The government now acknowledges that more than 1,000 people were killed in Freetown when a massive chunk of Mount Sugar Loaf, long degraded by illegal construction and blasting, sl...

One man, one vote

After much delay, President Ernest Bai Koroma has finally found a candidate he favours to take the nomination of the All Peoples Congress for the 2018 presidential election.

Pretty vacant presidency

The ruling party still has no candidate for the next election. The opposition has several but its previous candidate won't budge

Although the election to find a successor for President Ernest Bai Koroma takes place on 7 March next year, the country's two leading parties are yet to select their candidates. Ma...

Sugar loaf sell-out

Freetown politicians, Western embassies and property speculators face some tough questions about responsibility for the Mount Sugar Loaf landslide on 14 August in which more than 5...

Runway overrun

Despite promising the International Monetary Fund and World Bank that he would not go through with it, President Ernest Bai Koroma has still not given up on the Mamamah airport pro...

Displaying 11-20 out of 184 results.