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Population: 49.14m
GDP: $26.87bn
Debt: 280.3% GDP (2024)

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How El Sisi lost the cold war over water

Closer ties between Addis Ababa and Khartoum sideline Cairo's position on the Nile dam

Egypt, a key player in the Nile Basin, is watching with alarm as the recent rapprochement between Sudan and Ethiopia undercuts its leverage over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam...

Border troubles threaten the region

The Chad-Sudan frontier and the restive militias which straddle it are looming larger as tensions rise

On 29 January, Sudan's military leader, General Abdel Fattah al Burhan, went to Ndjamena to discuss growing insecurity on the Chad-Sudan border. No surprises there, perhaps, but th...

History won't repeat itself

Political parties are negotiating a new path to elections while the generals protect their interests and militant oppositionists take to the streets

The bold hopes surrounding fresh talks between Sudanese political parties on 9 January to agree a final deal for a transition to civil rule 'within a few weeks' look overblown.


Junta's double-talk on transition

Few believed Burhan's promise to hand over to civilians ahead of elections. And many fear that his deputy Hemeti is building a formidable power base

Two-and-a-half months on from General Abdel Fattah el Burhan's announcement that he and his fellow military officers were withdrawing from the political dialogue and would leave ci...

Parties divided on sharing power

The junta's declaration of a new way to rule the country leaves the opposition unable to decide on what to do. But Burhan is also out of options

Ever since Gen Abdel Fattah al Burhan declared on television that the army and civilians would have separate responsibilities in running the country on 4 July, Sudanese have been t...

Military running out of options

Massive demonstrations and killings by the security forces are straining relations in the ruling junta as leaders consider their options

The 33rd anniversary of the coup that brought Omer Hassan el Beshir to power on 30 June 1989 was always going to be a test for both the opposition and the ruling military. The oppo...

Burhan counters anti-corruption drive

The ousted transitional government launched an anti-corruption body, but the generals suspended it when it did its job too well

At the heart of the power struggles between civilians and the military in Sudan is a body whose full name is as daunting as the mission it was tasked with: the Committee for Disman...

Civilians stand firm as crisis talks falter

General Burhan's alliance with Islamist forces is blocking progress on talks to restart the transition and end Khartoum's isolation

A week of false starts and crisis talks to reinstate the transition to elections and constitutional rule made clear there is no prospect of progress without the participation of th...

Burhan lets the Islamists back in

Shorn of political alternatives and determined to remain in power, the junta is falling back on Islamists of all stripes to shore up the regime

Six months after the Sudanese military seized power again, a new reality is taking shape for the junta. Whether it was always part of the military's aims, or simply a consequence o...


Unloved Hemeti under pressure

The junta's second-in-command's parallel armed forces and business interests give him muscle but win him few friends

General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo 'Hemeti', number two in Sudan's ruling Sovereign Council, is under pressure from all sides, as his relations deteriorate with the military, increasing...

Displaying 31-40 out of 560 results.