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Population: 40.53 mn.
GDP: $117.49 bn.
Debt: $21.75 bn.

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The hit on Hamdok

The attempt on the Prime Minister’s life underscores his vulnerability and puts the spotlight on his myriad foes

Whether the bomb attack on Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok's convoy on 9 March was a serious bid to kill him or just a show of strength by backers of the former regime it has further...

Cairo and Addis split over dam

Ethiopia has pulled out of US-hosted talks on the Blue Nile project as bitterness and mistrust grow

Ethiopia is courting regional states and the African Union to bolster its diplomatic position after pulling out of United States-mediated talks on the filling and operations of the...

Beshir's trials begin

Although the government has opened talks with the ICC, that doesn’t mean the ousted leader will face trial in the Hague any time soon

Reports that the Khartoum transitional government has approved cooperation with the International Criminal Court in the Hague came on 11 February after a flurry of diplomatic initi...


Beyond a hundred days

Hopes dim and donors lose patience as factions come no closer to a lasting agreement

Despite the prodigious efforts of various diplomats, regional organisations and assorted church groups to push for the formation of a government of national unity, there is increas...

Two-track talks on the grand dam

Sisi wants Trump's help to break the impasse with Ethiopia over the Nile dam. They meet in Washington but Addis insists nothing will change

Two negotiating tracks are emerging over the potential flashpoint between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan over the effects of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the flow of the Nile....


Hamdok's appeal

Starting work on 22 August, a day after he was sworn in, new Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok quickly amassed support, ranging from activists in the sit-in outside the military headqu...

From revolution to realpolitik

Neither side likes the deal. The generals want to play for time and the activists see it as a first step to power

For the thousands gathering in central Khartoum, waving flags and sounding horns around the Friendship Hall, the constitutional declaration initialled on 4 August was far from the ...

The Egypt model isn't working

As negotiations for the transition stretch out, activists are blocking plans for a born-again junta

Backed by money and guns from allies in the Gulf and Cairo, the ruling generals in Khartoum had hoped by now to have consolidated a new regime, complete with co-opted civilians, fo...

Military roadblocks

The ruling generals in the sprawling security system will try to control the transition, whatever the cost

The security structures – the rival armed and intelligence groups – that grew up under the National Islamic Front (NIF) and its successor National Congress Party regime...

Displaying 31-40 out of 523 results.