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Population: 45.65m
GDP: $34.33bn
Debt: 155.3% GDP (2023 forecast)

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Border ructions escalate over Al Fashqa

Role of Egypt and UAE in region under scrutiny as Washington changes its posture

Like a game of three-dimensional chess, the revived border disputes between Addis Ababa and Khartoum about sovereignty over the fertile Al Fashqa area, have been layered on top of ...


Abiy risks more war

Addis made a deal with Khartoum when it went to war in Tigray. Amhara nationalists could upset this delicate arrangement

Tension along the Ethiopia-Sudan border has risen sharply as Khartoum asserts itself and its territorial rights, threatening to force a once-minor border issue into a major confron...

Washington seals the deal

Splits over US pressure to normalise ties with Israel point to a fall-out between civilian politicians and the generals

The removal of Sudan from the United States's list of state sponsors of terrorism, confirmed on 14 December, could prove a lifeline to a country in the grip of severe economic cris...

Terms of re-engagement

Normalise relations with Israel and compensate the victims of Al Qaida terrorism was the straightforward message from United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to Sudan's Prim...

Realpolitik, with plenty of guns

The government and many armed groups say a ground-breaking peace deal is possible within weeks. But they are yet to convince the sceptics

Suleiman al Dabailo, chairman of Sudan's Peace Commission, is talking up the progress made in power-sharing negotiations between the transitional government and the armed groups fr...

Quicker march for the military

Pressure is mounting on Premier Hamdok to step up the pace of reform, cutting into the generals’ economic interests

The Sovereignty Council (SC) – the supreme authority running Sudan – has been dragging its feet on reforms that the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) alliance say are essential. A...

The hit on Hamdok

The attempt on the Prime Minister’s life underscores his vulnerability and puts the spotlight on his myriad foes

Whether the bomb attack on Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok's convoy on 9 March was a serious bid to kill him or just a show of strength by backers of the former regime it has further...

Cairo and Addis split over dam

Ethiopia has pulled out of US-hosted talks on the Blue Nile project as bitterness and mistrust grow

Ethiopia is courting regional states and the African Union to bolster its diplomatic position after pulling out of United States-mediated talks on the filling and operations of the...

Beshir's trials begin

Although the government has opened talks with the ICC, that doesn’t mean the ousted leader will face trial in the Hague any time soon

Reports that the Khartoum transitional government has approved cooperation with the International Criminal Court in the Hague came on 11 February after a flurry of diplomatic initi...


Beyond a hundred days

Hopes dim and donors lose patience as factions come no closer to a lasting agreement

Despite the prodigious efforts of various diplomats, regional organisations and assorted church groups to push for the formation of a government of national unity, there is increas...

Displaying 61-70 out of 559 results.