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Population: 40.53 mn.
GDP: $117.49 bn.
Debt: $21.75 bn.

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Chaos theory

Past-masters at confusing both adversaries and outsiders, the Khartoum regime is tripping over its own feet

Khartoum's political leaders are fuelling a crisis they were trying to forestall. The regime this month deployed three brigades of paramilitary Rapid Support Forces to protect the ...

Saudi Arabia targets Khartoum

The National Congress Party’s support for Egypt’s Muslim Brothers is exacting a heavy political and economic cost

Financial sanctions on Sudan by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are a political warning shot. The immediate targets are Khartoum's backing for Egypt's banned Muslim Broth...

Staking it all on survival

This year will be about political survival for the regime and Omer el Beshir; and physical survival for many Sudanese trapped in war and poverty

2014 is constitutionally designated as President Omer Hassan Ahmed el Beshir’s last full year in power. The year will be devoted to trying to ensure that Field Marshal Omer e...

Secrets of the dam builder

Sudan has now thrown its weight behind the Millennium Dam, at a time when curiosity about the contractor, Salini, was already growing

As Egyptian, Ethiopian and Sudanese ministers sat down to discuss the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on 9 December, one item was notably absent from the agenda. The role of Salini...

Shoring up regional support

After a period of defiant independence, Addis Ababa has now, belatedly perhaps, built strong diplomatic support behind the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Before the joint meeting...

Saving Field Marshal Omer

President Omer el Beshir promised to step down in 2015 and now he has a new deputy whom he trusts not to turn him over to the ICC

Omer Hassan Ahmed el Beshir ‘decided to meet his fate with those he trusts most’, said a senior opposition source of the 8 December reshuffle. Some key leaders were rem...

Cape to Cairo, again

Agrogate, an Egyptian private equity group, hopes to start work this month on a hard-top road in Sudan, the 362 kilometre Dongola-Toshke (Argeen) Highway, which will link the count...

September uprising

Spontaneous street protests against price rises quickly escalated into calls for the overthrow of the regime

The sight of one of the regime’s stalwarts, Nafi’e Ali Nafi’e, being driven out of the wake for a protestor killed by security officers on 27 September summed up ...

End of Salvation

A leading light in the ruling NCP tells a London audience that the Islamist project is over and democratic transformation is imminent

’The phase of Salvation is over,’ the Director of Khartoum’s Centre for Strategic Studies, Sayed el Hassan el Khatib, told Britain’s Royal Institute of Inte...

Displaying 61-70 out of 489 results.