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Population: 40.53 mn.
GDP: $117.49 bn.
Debt: $21.75 bn.

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Egyptians return in search of gold

Last August, Egyptian billionaire Naguib Onsi Sawiris, 58, bought La Mancha Resources, owner of 40% of Sudan’s Ariab Mining Company. Naguib is a Coptic Christian and telecommunicat...

The plot thickens

The former security boss, Lieutenant General Salah Abdullah Mohamed ‘Gosh’, a regular interlocutor with British and United States’ spies, was the best known person arrested for cou...

Sanctions bypass

China has quietly joined countries implementing sanctions against Khartoum, we hear. This may not reduce Beijing’s substantial arms exports to Khartoum but it is making life diffic...

Target Khartoum

Israel’s attack on a Khartoum arms factory highlights its tougher line in Africa and Sudan’s growing ties with Iran

Taken by surprise, Khartoum officials at first offered contradictory explanations for the devastating attack on the El Yarmouk arms factory in Khartoum at around midnight on 23-24 ...

Khartoum’s military-industrial complex

Africa Confidential has identified five operational military factories in or near the Three Towns capital of Khartoum, Omdurman and Khartoum North (Bahri).

Abyei arrangement

Khartoum’s National Congress Party regime wants to use the diplomatic plaudits following its compromises on the oil-sharing deal on 17 September with South Sudan to win backing f...

Politics over oil

Another round of talks may stave off hostilities but is unlikely to yield a credible border security agreement by the 22 September deadline

Much hard negotiating lies ahead between Juba and Khartoum after talks restarted on 4 September, following a month’s delay for the funeral of Ethiopian Premier Meles Zenawi and the...

The anti-sanctions race

Negotiations are likely to drag on, despite UN efforts to pressure both Juba and Khartoum and the threat of a return to all-out war

As the 2 August deadline imposed by the United Nations Security Council loomed, Khartoum and Juba vied to be seen as the least obstructive government at their talks in Ethiopia. T...

Sudan under protest

The killing of several student demonstrators in Nyala, the South Darfur capital, on 31 July has given Sudan's opposition its martyrs. That was what Khartoum had wanted to avoid. Re...

Protestors’ pressure mounts

The National Congress Party spent the 23rd anniversary of the 30 June coup, which brought it to power as the National Islamic Front, suppressing public protests. Its iron grip i...

Displaying 121-130 out of 522 results.