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Population: 40.53 mn.
GDP: $117.49 bn.
Debt: $21.75 bn.

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Abyei in limbo

Ethiopia’s peacekeepers will face heavy scrutiny as Khartoum and Juba differ over Abyei and the still undemarcated border

The Abyei Agreement signed by the Khartoum regime and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) in Addis Ababa on 20 June offers no respite for the more than 150,000 people cha...

Blood and oil

Khartoum has intensified its war in central Sudan to crush its Nuba opponents and keep control of oil exports before partition

After launching another war against his opponents and threatening to cut off South Sudan’s oil, President Omer Hassan Ahmed el Beshir will meet top officials in China next week in ...

Edging towards the brink

Fears are rising at home and abroad that Khartoum’s attacks could take the South back to war as Independence dawns

As the Sudanese regime bombs the Nuba heartland and moves Missiriya people into a near empty Abyei, tension is rising across Sudan, especially along the still undemarcated North-So...

‘Fear and... fiction from Clooney’

Sudanese ministers are not used to being chased by protestors. Yet this is how Khartoum’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Ahmed Kurti left London’s sedate St. James’s Square on 6 J...

Khartoum’s debt threat

The Khartoum regime will face growing financial pressure after the formal split with the South on 9 July. That is partly why its Finance Minister, Ali Mahmoud Abdel Rasul, chose to...

Fighting for Abyei

Bombing and looting on the North-South border this week may undermine Sudan’s formal partition in July

The Khartoum regime’s all-out military attack on and occupation of the strategic region of Abyei is part of its hardening policy in the lead-up to Southern Sudan’s independence on ...

Long memories in Abyei

1820: Official start of Southern liberation struggle, as just proclaimed by Government of South Sudan (GOSS); shows how important history is in Sudan

Shaky Guelleh snubs ICC

In the face of growing internal opposition to his arbitrary rule and stolen elections, President Ismail Omar Guelleh has been strengthening relations with Sudan (AC Vol 52 No 7). H...

Indicted war criminal fights election

Khartoum’s ruling party tries to hold on to its base in Kordofan, a springboard for operations in Abyei and the South

It was clear that Ahmed Mohamed Haroun had lost his bid to be elected Governor of Southern Kordofan when the National Congress Party sent Presidential Assistant Nafi’e Ali Nafi’e t...

Displaying 131-140 out of 496 results.