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Population: 78.73 mn.
GDP: $31.9 bn.
Debt: $5.07 bn.

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Keeping an eye on oil

The watchdogs have been pushed out of Parliament and another resource rampage looms

Congo-Kinshasa is on its way to becoming a significant oil-producer, providing more opportunities for corruption and other enrichment to the government and its friends. The Nationa...

Militia hides behind civilians

The Eastern Province is ripe for a clash between disgruntled rebels and returning national army units. The Forces de résistance patriotiques en Ituri under ‘Cobra’ Matata Banaloki ...

Office politics

If he is not careful, President Joseph Kabila could see fights breaking out in his anteroom. He has struck forestry deals with a Lebanese businessman whose company is under United ...

Kabila targets the land

Agricultural investors will lose out due to new rules on land ownership while presidential associates stand to benefit

The new law on ‘Fundamental Principles of Agriculture’ removes the right of foreigners to own farmland in Congo-Kinshasa and seems certain to discourage external investment in the ...

Opposition steps up fight

The parliamentary election results look no more credible than the presidential vote and oppositionists wants to test Kabila’s will

Battle lines are hardening as disputes rage over the results of November’s legislative and presidential elections. Although the parliamentary results are not to be formally announc...

No confidence vote from companies

The election campaign and its dubious results have made foreign companies jumpy. In early January, the monetary policy and banking operations department of the central bank, the Ba...

Electoral chicanery and the UN

Electoral fraud has rarely been better documented than in the presidential poll of 28 November, of which every stage involved the Mission de l’Organisation des Nations Unies pour l...

One election, two countries

The new dividing line in the country is between those who believe that Joseph Kabila won the presidency and those who don’t

President Joseph Kabila’s year will start with a strenuous effort to re-establish credibility. The official results of the 28 November elections gave him 48.95% of the vote, agains...

Displaying 121-130 out of 456 results.