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Population: 81.34 mn.
GDP: $37.24 bn.
Debt: $5.13 bn.

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The Atlantic ports puzzle

Kinshasa cannot decide whether to develop its own outlet to the Atlantic or depend on Brazzaville. It’s all about geopolitics and special interests

Congo-Kinshasa has a small port, Matadi, while Congo-Brazzaville has a much larger one, at Pointe-Noire. The Kinshasa government needs to decide between them. There are rival views...

Rebels on the ropes

Barring a sudden intervention by Rwanda, little stands in the way of the defeat of M23 by a newly invigorated national army

After 20 months of intermittent fighting and stalled negotiations, the rebellion of the Mouvement de 23 mars in eastern Congo-Kinshasa could soon be at an end (AC Vol 54 No 16, M23...

Kony keeps up the terror

After 25 years of mass murder, the Lord's Resistance Army continues with impunity as African and Western efforts fail to capture its top commanders

More than 440,000 people are currently displaced due to attacks by the Lord's Resistance Army across Central and East Africa. This is despite increased United States and African mi...

To go or not to go

The Speaker of Parliament, Aubin Minaku, shocked the country on 11 October when he announced in an interview on Radio France Internationale that President Joseph Kabila would leave...

Holes in Kabila’s big tent

The President’s aim of creating a national consensus is stirring up political discontent and the arrest of dissenters doesn’t help

Establishing national unity under a modified constitution is President Joseph Kabila Kabange’s main concern just now, because that would give him the best chance of winning t...

Kivu on the brink

The M23 rebels have suffered heavy losses, so Kigali may have to choose between abandoning them or risking deeper involvement

Tension between Rwanda and Congo-Kinshasa has escalated almost to open war after two weeks of renewed fighting in eastern Congo. The national army, the Forces armées de la r...

Yet another front

Ever since a major attack in mid-July at Kamango, in the Beni area of North Kivu, observers have wondered why the Allied Democratic Front-National Army for the Liberation of Uganda...

M23 takes a hit

The army turns the tables on the rebels and Rwanda may find it problematic to continue its support for M23

Two weeks of sometimes brutal fighting between the Mouvement du 23 mars and the national army have ramped up the pressure on Kinshasa and Kigali to negotiate a settlement. The Rwan...

The real power politics

The latest plan to harness the Congo River is gigantic, internationally important, expensive and politically driven

A meeting of officials and investors in Kinshasa, hosted on 17-18 June by Energy Minister Bruno Kapandji Kalala on financing the Inga III Dam signals the government’s new ser...

Dam good connections

South Africa’s financial and political commitment to the Inga III Dam and the international support has galvanised and given new life to this pet project of successive Congol...

Displaying 131-140 out of 517 results.